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Our team of designers and professionals is here to bring fresh and stylish ideas to your market. We have over 35 years of experience in clothing and home textile production for private labels and brands in Finland and in Europe. Our biggest clients are in Finland.

Transparency and responsibility
Basic-Fashion helps you to design clothing and home textile collections and provides you with options to produce them sustainably and responsibly. The fashion industry is becoming more and more climate friendly, and our sustainable solutions and qualifications offer you an opportunity to be a part of the change for the better. We aim to be among the best professionals of sustainable design and production in Scandinavia.

We constantly make an effort to improve our services while maintaining an excellent price to value ratio. Transparency, high level of customer service and understanding your ideas and targeted market are the core values of Basic-Fashion.
We know the challenges of the manufacturing process, but we engage with its possibilities.
We strive for our
clients’ success

We design and work towards your specific market and customer profiles. We pay attention to your perspective and vision and help you tackle the challenges you might face in your market. Combining our professional experience and perspective with your insights, we design the best collections for you.

You know your clients; we master design and production. We have a broad knowledge of different markets and can offer updated and valid data of trends, fresh ideas for designs, quality certificates, and secure shipping. Our production fulfills the highest quality requirements and security matters are always a strict priority in our factories. We adapt to the changing world and seek to find the best solutions for every step of the process.


Our long-term partnerships and constant development together with our manufacturers are our greatest strengths


Our collaboration with Tuli Trading, a Finnish-owned textile company, started in 2017. Tuli Trading has local teams in Bangladesh and Pakistan which monitor the quality of our materials, production, and shipping. Sustainability is also in the heart of Tuli Trading – they are a BSCI organisation, and they work only with chosen factories that are BSCI, WRAP, SEDEX or Oeko-Tex audited and certified. Thanks to Tuli Trading, we have a team of professionals solving problems and supervising the production at the factories. This way we can ensure the quality of the products and the well-being of the production workers.

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Globe Hope is a Finnish sustainable fashion brand that creates clothing and accessories from recycled materials. At the moment our cooperation is focused on globalisation, and we are constantly developing new ideas to work on with Globe Hope. Together with Globe Hope, Pure Waste and Tuli Trading we launched a 100% recycled Globe Hope clothing collection in 2020. To create the collection, each company’s special knowledge was utilised: Basic-Fashion was responsible of the collection’s product design and sales, Pure Waste developed fully recycled yarn and Tuli Trading made sure the production follows the GRS standard. 

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And counting! Our longest partnership with a factory has lasted over 30 years.



Our fashion collections are manufactured according to the BSCI SA8000 standards. We have been a Amfori BSCI member company already for over 10 years.



We have been working together with some of our clients since the early 90s.


Bangladesh 44%
Pakistan 32%
India 16%
China 7%
EU 1%


From Italian knitwear to sustainable everyday clothing

It all started with importing Italian knitwear to Finland when our CEO Risto Vähätalo established an agentry in Helsinki in 1987. 

In the beginning of the 1990s, Basic-Fashion was an import business with Lithuania as our main country of acquisition. At the time, we were one of Lithuania’s biggest textile clients. We started importing garments from India, Pakistan, and China in the mid-90s and have since developed strong partnerships with factories and suppliers in our countries of production.

Since the beginning, Basic-Fashion has successfully put a lot of attention and effort into private label clothing. We create affordable collections of casual clothing and home textiles for different sized companies: we have wholesales, retailers, hypermarkets as well as big and small brands as our clients.

We are experts at creating quality products with a good price point. This expertise has granted us the honour of being one of the suppliers for the Finnish Maternity Package. The materials of our Maternity Package clothes are mainly Oeko-Tex cotton and GRS certified. We have made safe and long-lasting clothes that are given to babies born in Finland since 2014. Check out the contents of the Maternity Package here!

In 2017 we merged with the clothing import company Newtop. The collaboration with Newtop opened our path to the demanding and competitive to new markets. Our success in new countries is a great example of our ability to adapt to different markets and work flexibly with the requirements and legislation in different countries.

Get to know our own brands

B.C.F is our clothing brand for men. The collection includes comfortable basic clothes from stylish hoodies to underwear. The B.C.F clothes have a modern design and can fit multiple clothing styles and aesthetics. The clothes are produced responsibly from quality materials in certified factories.


Our brand Kaunis Koti offers beautiful home textiles to every home. The textiles are modern, atmospheric, and the timeless and classic designs and colours fit many interior design styles. Kaunis Koti products include bed linen, pillows, curtains, towels, and other everyday products. All Kaunis Koti bed linen and towels are produced according to the Oeko-Tex standard.


Jooko is our children’s clothing brand. Jooko clothes are designed with children’s needs in mind – they are comfortable, easy for the kids to put on by themselves, and most importantly they are perfect to play in. Kid’s love Jooko clothes for the fun prints and colours. The clothes are produced in compliance with strict technical and chemical safety standards for children’s clothes.

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